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The Arizona Association of Chiropractic is a professional, nonprofit corporation comprised of individual members with varying philosophies. Its primary function is for the protection and promotion of the chiropractic profession for its members, regardless of philosophy, as well as the education of the public concerning chiropractic.


AAC 2017 Convention

The Arizona Association of Chiropractic would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the 2017 Convention! The participation and support of all 2017 Convention attendees, speakers, sponsors and vendors have once again helped us create a successful event.

A very special thank you goes out to Josh Evans, our Keynote speaker for the Saturday lunch banquet. It was a pleasure to have you speak at our event.

AAC would also like to thank all of our wonderful speakers who came to educate us in an informative and in some cases, a very hands on way! AAC received many wonderful comments regarding all of the courses and course content that our presenters brought with them to the 2017 AAC Convention.

Without ALL of the above mentioned groups, our 2017 Convention could not have been a success, thank you to ALL participants. You each played an integral role in the success of this event!

Have a comment, story or picture of the 2017 Convention you would like to share? Please email admin@azchiropractic.org.

AAC Advantage

Upon receiving notification that some doctors have once again received recoupment letters from Banner, particularly regarding CPT code 97032 going back to 2015, the AAC Vice President and Insurance Committee Chair, Dr. James Bogash, contacted Banner direct, as well as did AAC member Dr. Stephen Brown, since we had been assured the recoupment letters were being stopped. Banner's response to both inquiries is below:
"Please disregard these notices. The Adjustment team is still working through the high number of refund requests that were sent as a result of the incorrect adjustments made to claims earlier this year. Our claims system vendor recently made an "upgrade" to the system and unfortunately, released the hold on these refund request letters. We will ask the team to make sure that your refund requests are canceled as soon as possible."
"I apologize for the inconvenience or confusion this is causing."
Sr. Director Operations
Banner Plan Administration
This is one more example of how the AAC is working to benefit all Doctors of Chiropractic, our patients and our staff in AZ. Consider being involved and becoming a member!  Support your profession and your state Association!

AAC Advantage

 Senate Health Committee Chair Nancy Barto and Ranking Democrat Senate Health Committee member David Bradley jointly requested that the Attorney General commence an investigation on whether insurance companies' third party administrators are inappropriately using health saving account funds to pay for administrative expenses. As this is an ongoing investigation we are not at liberty to discuss the process in detail but you can see the request made to the Attorney General in the members only section.
Also Senators Barto and Bradley requested a formal opinion from the Attorney General on the application of the 9th Circuit Court's ruling last fall that requires Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) to provide reimbursable chiropractic services to their patients. That request can also be viewed on the members only site. We will report on the investigative findings as well as the FQHC opinion as soon as they are issued.